Crawford Design



  • Projects(Slide Show)
    Projects are designs that were produced and did not get snagged in the concept phase. Some were used for months while others remained intact for years.
  • Concepts(Slide Show)
    Created with care and effort, these designs never went into production or they were just prototypes. Of course some of them are my favorite designs.
  • 2010 - Department of Justice Request for Information (PDF)
    The federal government requested information on web accessibility in order to develop web accessibility laws. I answered questions based on my experience and research on web accessibility issues.
  • Evolution(Slide Show)
    Over time this Web site has changed. Here are a few of the numerous design comps.
  • Conran Bag(Slide Show)
    Entered into a Colab bag design competition in 1999,
    the bag received an honorable mention.
  • Stephen Crawford's Resume