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  • 2008 Redesign - Built in OpenCms, I executed XHTML & CSS, design production, accessibility, jQuery & designed some elements. Website Home Page
  • To look crisp at higher magnifications on mobile devices the graphs were created with HTML/CSS and a minimal amount of images. Bar Graphs
  • The Mirena video player educated women about birth control. The Mirena Web site received a 2003 E-healthcare Leadership Award. Large Mirena Player
  • A smaller version of the video player is embedded in a Web page to reinforce Mirena’s messaging. Small Mirena Player
  • Flash was used to liven up the Lactaid weight loss campaign and to work around the creative limitations of an archaic CMS. Lactaid Weightloss Home Page
  • Informative Flash rollovers provided transparency of information. Lactaid Weightloss Subpage
  • The goal of Teen Health Talk was to educate teen girls about their breasts and breast development. Teen Health Talk Website
  • Animation, music and voices were added to make the learning experience more exciting and appealing to a younger audience. Teen Health Talk Website
  • received a gold World Wide Web Health Award for Best Graphic Design. Rosacea Home Page
  • The colors of the site are based on skin tones with a hint of red that is a reminder of rosacea. Rosacea Subpage
  • Flash was used on the home page to convey messages and grab a person’s attention. Saint Joseph Aspirin Home Page
  • This Web site was designed to make HTML updates easier. Most graphic text, found in the previous version, was discarded. Saint Joseph Aspirin Subpage
  • This Java-based car survey collected information about what consumers didn’t like about cars to determine what they did like. Car Survey
  • A brushed metal gadget look was popular, but the client preferred this clean and professional design. Car Survey
  • Menu Marketing was a drag and drop Flash application created so school nutrition professionals could make menus. Menu Marketing Interface
  • An example of a printed Menu Marketing calendar. Menu Marketing Print Menu
  • Holiday eCard - Objects, buzzwords, and characters can be dragged and dropped on the stage. Holiday Party
  • The eCard was inspired by buzzword magnetic poetry. Holiday Party
  • Video clips of Joanna Kerns were used to draw in a viewer’s attention. Joanna made Lactaid seem less geriatric. Lactaid Home Page
  • Flash video was used to give viewers a hint of the content ahead. When one of the 4 circles was rolled over a video clip would play. Lactaid Subpage
  • The Build A Snowman eCard was a great success. Clients LOVED it and I-SITE received plenty of positive feedback. Build The Snowman Interface
  • This is the HTML page used to launch the snowman eCard and detect for Flash. Ginger Bread Man Build Snowman Launch Page
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Projects Website Home Page
Bar Graphs
Large Mirena Player
Small Mirena Player
Lactaid Weightloss Home Page
Lactaid Weightloss Subpage
Teen Health Talk Website
Teen Health Talk Website
Rosacea Home Page
Rosacea Subpage
Saint Joseph Aspirin Home Page
Saint Joseph Aspirin Subpage
Car Survey
Car Survey
Menu Marketing Interface
Menu Marketing Print Menu
Holiday Party
Holiday Party
Lactaid Home Page
Lactaid Subpage
Build The Snowman Interface
Ginger Bread Man Build Snowman Launch Page