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  • 2008 Community Garden Photos(Slide Show)
    Crows Woods Gardeners photos taken in early spring to late summer.
  • Seattle Trip - Winter of 2008(Slide Show)
    I visited Seattle in February of 2008 to feel what Seattle could be
    like in the winter. I was expecting dreary and damp conditions. The sun shined nearly everyday I was there then disappeared the
    day I left.
  • 2007 Community Garden Summer Flowers(Slide Show)
    I finally went out and snapped some photos with my new digital camera. I'm quite sad moving from film to digital, but I know it is for the best. Most of the flowers I grew myself, except for the “denim” and the purple morning glories. The blue morning glories are magical.
  • Kitchen(Slide Show)
    This set of kitchen photos is one of my favorites. All the items are used and have character, dating from the 1940s to 1999.
  • Liz(Slide Show)
  • Pinhole Camera(Slide Show)
    These photos were taken with a cookie tin.
  • Random(Slide Show)
    There are many photos that I feel are portfolio worthy, but they never quite fit into a set like the above photos.